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We are excited to add a Y103 Course to the series!  This course is for anyone who has already taken the Y101 Course and needs to be recertified.  We feel that veteran coaches should not have to go back and take the "beginner" course and would do better with a course that highlights the rule changes and delves into frequently taken deductions and scoring.

The Y100 Series:

  • Y101AYC - For first time coaches

  • Y102AYC - Speed Course taken in the off year of certification

  • Y103AYC - Recertification course for coaches who have already taken the Y101


The Y201 Coaches Competitive Edge Course:  This is an OPTIONAL course for coaches.


The Y300 Series for Judges: Similar to the Y100 series in that veteran judges will not have to go back and take the Y301 judges course to recertify.

  • Y301JT - For first time judges

  • Y303JT - For veteran judges that have already taken the Y303JT previously


📅 JAN 20-21, 2023
JAMZ Youth Nationals
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📅 FEB 24-26, 2023
YCADA Globals
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📅 MAY 11-12, 2023

      YCADA Coaches Conference     

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