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What is YCADA?

YCADA is an acronym that stands for the ‘Youth Cheer And Dance Alliance’ and a non-profit organization that provides universal governance of Youth Cheer and Dance skill levels, scoring and educational guidelines.

Are you part of one of these organizations? If so, you're already a member. Click one to learn more about your membership.

Benefits of Joining YCADA

The two largest Youth/Rec cheer and dance organizations, Pop Warner & AYC, many large independent Youth/Rec leagues and over 25,000 coaches nationwide are already members of YCADA. Join the organization that focuses ONLY on Youth/Rec.

  • Access to YCADA Levels, Rules & Score Sheets

  • YCADA Rules Email Support for Your Coaches

  • YCADA Training Courses for Coaches & Judges

  • Retention of Your Youth Athletes & Coaches

  • YCADA-Certified Judge Pool

  • YCADA Facebook Groups for Coaches & Judges

  • YCADA Rules Webinars for Your Judges

  • Day of Event YCADA Rule 911 Call Access

Not sure if your organization qualifies? Read about Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Organization Members here!

YCADA Globals is the first event of its kind where Youth/Rec leagues and organizations finally compete to see which Youth/Rec team is the best on the planet!

YCADA Coach’s Conference (began in 2019) gathers leaders of Youth/Rec organizations to discuss the latest stunt/dance technique, rules/scoring interpretations, and general challenges/successes in the Youth/Rec cheer and dance industry.

How to Apply for Membership

League Membership is open to Youth/Rec organizations or N/A teams that are not involved in All Star. Leagues who wish to become a member of YCADA must be approved through a quick application process:

  • STEP 1 - Fill Out the League Membership Interest Form

  • STEP 2 - We’ll Contact You via Email with Approval, Application & Next Steps

  • STEP 3 - Complete League Membership Application

  • STEP 4 - You’ll Receive Access to all League Member Tools & Resources


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